Fantastic launch day sell-out!

After Darlington’s World Food Market was postponed due to the high winds, it seemed as if the launch of Falafel Fella wasn’t going to go to plan. But thanks to an offer of a place at the indoor market for the week, launch day happened… with a vengeance. Mouheydin sold out after just a few hours.

A fantastic start – thanks to the support and love of the people of Darlington rooting for him; but also because of how fast word was getting round that this new street food stall selling hot, fresh, spicy falafel wraps might just be something a bit special!

I was shocked by how many people came to buy my food and support me, it was very good and I’d finished by 1pm.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came, I feel so, so proud that I had this support.

Here’s more from The Northern Echo who reported on the launch day: “Syrian refugee sells out in first day of Darlington business.